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Since I've been using my reporting efforts for paper publications lately, I haven't had much new to say in Electric Degeneration. I've got a heap of photos I'm gonna dump in a few pages just to have something to show, but that may take a few days.
I've been chattier than normal on my blog, but you can only read the new stuff if you're a Livejournal member and on our Friends list:
I've considered throwing it wide open, but I'm also considering turning those particular writings into an entirely new column somewhere.
Meanwhile, I've updated the vaults so if, for some foolish reason, you need to review the text-only ezines from 2005, check it out:
Hey, now we're only 8 months behind!

For those what donít peruse the Prophesy section in detail, thereís a big show September 27 at Variety - Little Stevenís Rolling Rock and Roll Show at Variety Playhouse with The Forty Fives, The Woggles, The Mooney Suzuki, The Zombies and more Ė for which tickets have just gone on sale. Get Ďem while theyíre hot.

The latest Loaf:

A mass of folks turned out for the weekly drive invasion for Talladega Nights, the Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Itís pretty damn funny. I didnít have high expectations because it seemed like just another Will Ferrell acts like a moron comedy. But itís been a while since I saw one of these and Iíd forgotten just how funny morons can be, particularly when spoofing a sport enjoyed by people that donít mind watching cars drive in a circle for hours.
But itís the moments between Ricky and his estranged father than may get the most laughs in this flick. There was laughter in our crowd almost non-stop.
Definitely worth seeing.

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