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So the Editor on High at the Loafing called a few days back and informed me that last week’s column would be/was my last Scene & Herd. Apparently with all the staff turnovers down there, someone forgot to inform me back when they made the decision some time ago to “go with something… cheaper.”
I didn’t even get a last clever quip in my final article. So this is as close as it gets to my parting shot.
What did I learn from my few months getting paid to do what I was already doing as a hobby?
Editors are not always a bad thing. They take indecipherable gibberish and make something occasionally readable.
Editors suck. They take some clever reference joke or specific quote or brilliant joke and remove half of it, leaving indecipherable gibberish.
Being forced to go new places every week is a mind-opening experience.
Going out all the damn time, whether you want to or not, gets old quick.
Christ, there are some weekends I just want to stay home and watch a movie, or go camping, or clean house, or… Getting paid to go out almost makes up for it.
Now Degenerate Press will return in all its glory. Blurry photos, harsh reviews, sporadic updates, typos – and word counts? Ha!
Speaking of, here’s August's poopoo platter:

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