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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand POOF, it's fall.
Bring on the fall funk. Damn, I hate it. Don't give me that crap about the low humidity and lower temperatures, I *like* it hot. And I like daylight to start *before* I get up and last until I'm tired, then bring on the warm summer night. Fall reminds me of returning to school as a child, which I hated. It's also the transition to winter, which I also hate. Then spring takes too damn long to get to summer again.
The only things good about fall are the clothes, and Halloween. The only thing good about winter used to be New Year's Eve but since I stopped throwing the weird party I used to have and all my friends are poor and infested with babies and can't go cavorting to places like Amsterdam anymore, I'm not even looking forward to that one formerly-chaotic night.
Feh. If I could nap through it all, I would. Better yet, if I could have a winter home in Brazil or Costa Rica, you wouldn't hear from me again until next Memorial Day. Say, the lottery *is* up to $90 million...
Speaking of the end of summer, the Labor Day weekend in review is here:
Of course I took a ton of pictures that aren't included, so I hope to do a dump on Degenerate Press soon. Speaking of, here's June's poopoo platter:
And one for July:
In other music news, the new Lenny’s should be open this weekend:
“Lennys Bar has Moved! 486 Decatur St go to for more information! We officially will open this weekend. Though it might take a week to get booze in the place will open for shows starting this Friday!”

We saw a screening of Little Miss Sunshine at the drive in last Tuesday. It shares perhaps a bit too much in common with National Lampoon's Vacation, but in place of slapstick is humor so real it's often painfully funny. It's the story of a family's misadventures as they try to drive their daughter to California for a pageant. I don't want to give anything away, since part of the humor and charm are the unexpected events along the way, but it's definitely one of the better films of the year. Go see it.

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