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Bubbapalooza - Thursday
The Star Bar
May 2007

Bubbapalooza 16? Christ, I'm old. So be it.

After a lot of automotive rigamorale, nothing felt as good as a Jack and Coke and some honky tonikin'. Mic Harrison and High Score provided the tunes to back the booze. Unfortunately, it's been a while since I've shot anything with my camera and I was clearly out of practice, so you'll have to use more imagination than usual with this review. Things are practically arty.

After half their set I wondered - why are all honky tonk tunes about Texas? 'Cause it's too hard to sing Mississippi when you're drunk!

Sassparilla the Singing Gorilla did his shtick. I find it amusing for about three songs, then I'm over it. But it got laughs from the newbies in the crowd.
The Downer Bros. family has expanded. From the duo of Jim and Joel, they've grown into a 5 piece, more like the Downer Army. Again, my photography skills are rusty so you only get blurry pictures of a few of the guys, but you should'a been there. They cover random tunes in a downbeat country style. I think I preferred the more stripped-down and raw incarnation of previous years but it was still a fine performance.

OK, this artsy photography is getting out of hand...

Jason Ringenberg, formerly of Jason and the Scorchers, followed with solo acoustic stuff that I found boring. Some of the crowd sang along or shouted out requests, but it was like watered down whiskey to me - it lacked gusto and felt like a nostalgia act for those who missed the Scorchers. Some of those folks yelled for more while the other half the crowd chatted on as if nothing was happening.
You couldn't ignore Bitch, however. If nothing else, they were too damn loud. They, too, are a nostalgia act targeted at the hard/heavy/metal set, most of whom have pulled over at a rest stop on the highway to hell so the kids could use the restroom and mom can get a smoke.

This wasn't Bitch's most varied set - no surprise Bowie, not even a Ramones tune, pretty much just AC/DC, Motörhead and Skynyrd. But they do justice to the material and had the Thursday night crowd bouncing along.

Friday I wasn't up for another night of abuse and had to skip, but I managed to make it back on Saturday.

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