So this has been showing up in women's bathrooms at various bars around town (Righteous Room and Star Bar, so far.)

This is the best you can do? Seriously? My friends got a big laugh out of this, it's so absurd. You could've pointed out what a poor writer I am (I can provide examples even worse than this.) I'm not even a very good web designer - and I do that for a living! My fashion sense is patently ridiculous. Everyone knows I can be a sarcastic ass. I've made titanic mistakes in love, money, cars, real estate, education - I have major failures at almost every facet of life, but you couldn't bother to hit me where it hurts.

Did I give your band (or, more likely, your boyfriend's band) a bad review? Did I date someone you don't approve of, or not go out on a date with you? And does your spelling improve when you sober up?

Look, I'll hold a grudge longer than anyone but this is just cowardly and amateurish. Bathroom walls are no place for anonymous slander any more. Why do you think Al Gore invented the internet?

If you want to vent contact me. Track me down on Facebook as Degenerate Press. Email me - groucho at this domain. Heck, I'd even put my phone number on here if I didn't want telemarketers wasting my cell minutes. I'll buy you a drink, as long as you promise not to throw it in my face before you tell me why I deserve it.

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