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The Earl
June 2004

Saturday we headed back for more, arriving in time for the corndog eating competition. A good size crowd gathered outside, waiting for the rain to end and ignoring a small bluegrass act.
Three contestants lined up. Bean, booking agent for Lenny's and organizer of various after hours activities, joined in the contest. The previous year he ate "just short of 10 corndogs, I think it was. But I was drunk. I came in second, but I won the live cricket eating contest."

With numbers like that, I didn't think I could compete, especially arriving just after lunch. So I climbed onto a stool with the other onlookers and watched as the three guys plowed through as many corndogs as they could in 5 minutes.

This year Bean was the winner, eating a mere 5 corndogs in 5 minutes. For his efforts he won a lawn mower. No, he doesn't have a lawn, "But if I eat enough corndogs maybe someone will give me a house," he said as he walked by, still eating corndogs.
Inside, the lead singer of The Cycle cursed bad directions and started up late doing stripped down rock with a flavor that somehow reminded me of 80's punk and new wave, yet without the incompetent playing of one or the synthesizers of the other. Good, though they had to cut their set short.

The Liverhearts took over, a noisy 4 piece with interesting tempos and a lush sound, pretty damn good yet also on the slightly downbeat, depressing side. Crap, after a while you want something chipper to lift the weight of a belly full of corndog.

Liverhearts have that post-punk punk sound Sonic Youth mastered.

Teen Wheat feature an Earl staffer or two and had the energy I was hoping for, but were all screams and no melody, the distortion barely changing from tune to tune
I was impressed with the guitarists' ability to play while holding a cigarette, but after that novelty wore off I got completely bored and went back to ogling girls outside.


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