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The Earl
June 2005

Thursday Friday Saturday

For some reason this episode is full of "reminded of" and "sounded like." Sounds like I need to take better notes at these long festivals... Anyhow, grab a corndog and a beer and settle in for the ride!

I hit Corndogorama on Thursday night for the pre-event event, Babycorn, featuring a couple of bands, movie shorts and burlesque. I arrived just in time to catch the final scene of The Adventures of Sassparilla the Singing Gorilla, chapter 1. Over the course of the evening I saw the other chapters of the series. I like Sassparilla in small doses. It's a sort of painfully/embarrassingly funny routine. The movie shares much of that style of humor with special effects that are so crude they become more interesting than they would've been if they'd tried to do something more polished. The acting is a bit better than the average homemade film and the cinematography isn't entirely flat. I'd give it one opposable thumb up.
Meanwhile, a girl was setting up a harp on stage. I thought it might be a bad sign. I feared some low key mopey indie softcore singer/songwriter crap, but when the rest of the band, Envie, gathered together and started playing it was more Kate Bush than Tori Amos.
The lead singer has a pretty voice and a few numbers swelled from quiet to intense. Dreamy stuff that's stirring and simultaneously depressing.
During another chapter of Sassparilla's movie, Emery Reel began assembling their gear. Fortunately the Sassparilla movie gave them plenty of time. 2 laptops, 3 keyboards, a vibraphone, a few guitars, drums, and more effects pedals than a downtown pawn shop.
Once they got up and running they played very mathematical instrumental stuff, reminding me sort of like Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells. Very movie soundtrack-ish.

Fantaj was next, sort of Les Claypool bouncing bass with metallic, distorted guitars and vocals half spoken, half screamed/growled by one of the guys from The Brothers Swinks Motorsports, the guys doing motorcycle stunts in the parking lot the next day and a familiar face around the Star Bar.
Not great, but not bad. In case you're wondering what Fantaj means, "it's the disease you get when you drink water from the hose and the skin grows over your asshole."

I couldn't hang late enough to catch any of the promised burlesque due to my workaday lifestyle, so you don't get any pictures of half-naked women this week. But continue on for some half-naked male action, if you dare...

Thursday Friday Saturday

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