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Dong Squad
May 2004

People threw money onto the stage, and occasionally panties and other unmentionables. They cleaned up, literally and figuratively, between acts.
Unfortunately I headed to the john and lost my place up front just in time for Reggie St. Charles, AKA Sock Man. If you ain't from around here you didn't get the joke. But those of us who got it could barely breath from laughing so hard.

Fucking brilliant.

The lovely Malomar set up his dressing table and proceeded to get done up in his best finery.
But then took a break to take a few hits from the bong.
Which resulted in a transformation to hard core stripper!
Leading to a look somewhere between poof and pimp.
Then the stage hands ran out and spewed silly string all over him, causing him to lose his own spurt of silly string into the crowd.

At least I hope it was silly string...

This lead to the grande finale, a stage full of dong.

Just when you thought you'd hand all the dong you could handle it's time for the encore!

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