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Elvis Birthday Extravaganza
Johnny Knox and Hi-Test
Northside Tavern
January 2005

Elvis Birthday Extravaganza at Echo Lounge with Kingsized Elvis Birthday Extravaganza at Northside Tavern with Johnny Knox and Hi-Test

After dropping off degenerate CD, I realized it was only a little after 1 AM. Northside Tavern was on my way home so I swung by, wondering if I could find parking within 5 blocks, a challenge ever since The Compound opened around the corner. I found a spot only two blocks away and found Northside crowded, but not Mudcat-crowded.

There were a few former Star Bar rockabilly regulars in the crowd, enjoying the earlier Elvis sounds cranked out by Johnny's flying fingers, backed up by a couple of honking saxophones, straight-up drums, and big stand-up bass. Between songs, Johnny looked at me and told me I'd already missed all the good stuff, but don't agree - the band cranked out plenty of great Elvis tunes, including a few upbeat versions of his movie hits.

Some folks can't handle that much Elvis. Or maybe it was the liquor...

I slapped a souvenir Degenerate Press sticker on her back and let her sleep, though I was tempted to slap it on her exposed thong, or other exposed part.

Johnny swapped instruments with the sax player for a bit
I got a seat at the bar and relaxed, guessing Big E himself would feel right at home in such a place. As a young man, he could've burned the mutha down on stage, and that's how I always think of him. Not the sweating verge-of-collapse Las Vegas lounge Elvis, not the svelte 68 Comeback TV Elvis, not even the race-car-dirvin', surfin', horse ridin', trapeze-swingin' movie Elvis, but the young, pelvis-shaking State Fair Elvis where only a few dozen girls are screaming up front while the older folks stand behind them and shake their heads.
I recognized the cute couple next to me from the Star Bar's rockabilly days. They alternated between dancing and making out. I took a dozen or so pictures of them, trying to capture the moment. They were obviously in love, or intoxicated, or both, and having a fantastic time. But no photo can do them justice, so you'll have to add your own imagination to get the sway, the caress, the heat these two gave off.

The band ended the show just past 2:30. I told Johnny about Echo closing and the incident with the poster. He laughed and autographed one of their posters and handed it to me. It's not exactly a souvenir from Echo Lounge, but it'll do just fine.

Elvis Birthday Extravaganza at Echo Lounge with Kingsized Elvis Birthday Extravaganza at Northside Tavern with Johnny Knox and Hi-Test

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