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Fantasm 2003

"Why go anywhere? Live porn, live bondage, and drinks over there..." Degenerate FN
"I'm so bored." Degenerate PM

Some people really have been doing this too long. PM is clearly jaded from too many perverse parties and naughty nights. So for those of you who need some kind of litmus test for yourself, here's Degenerate Press' handy "You Know You've Been Going To Cons Too Long When..."


I'd like to thank the staff of Fantasm for yet another mind-blowing weekend. Every year I swear I'm going to join the staff of this fantastic con so I can help keep a good thing going, but then I see the staff worn and weary before the event even gets going. Thanks to the sacrifice of these wonderful people, the rest of us get to have a great time.

See you next year!





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