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April 2004

Saturday Night

The Saturday night parties cranked up, though I was disappointed to only find five parties listed on the official party battle ballot. Worse, they were all in the wing of the hotel that lacked air conditioning. Packing a couple hundred people in a hotel classroom, complete with party lights, generates an impressive sauna. Though it dampened everyone’s skin, it didn’t dampen most spirits.
N9 put together Carnivale, a freaky circus-themed party complete with candied apples, scary clowns, and the like.


Remember this lovely pirate lass for later.

To get a drink you had to get a ticket. The only way to get a ticket was to play one of random carnival games, such as letting the bearded lady try to guess your fetish.


They had a sideshow display case full of strange things in jars.
They also had a peepshow booth. When I arrived the peepshow was empty, but later I saw a lovely girl masturbating inside.
"Dammit, these holes are at the wrong height," said DN.
"Yeah, and they're too small," I replied.
An oldie, but a goodie.

The Femdom party didn’t have much going for it at first, but it may have picked up later. Various cool to cold women stood about while men scurried about subserviently (hard to tell the difference between that and the rest of the con, frankly.) The back room featured bondage-themed porn on TV.

Studio 54 was supposed to crank up around midnight and it was too hot to hang around the other parties non-stop, so I swung by the con suite and other areas of the hotel at random. I met the lovely and quick-witted Georgiana, formerly local (if I remember right) but now transplanted to Alaska where she loves it. She was off to get spanked by some lesbians or something but wanted to meet the slave serving as eye candy in the con suite. I introduced them and next thing I know they’re having a swell time together.

So they get my award for Cutest Fem-Fem Couple.

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