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April 2004

Yet More Saturday Night

Vortex wins first runner up for Most Absurd Shoes.

I think I took this picture at The Machine Party. "The Machine" is a big device in which you can suspend someone from chains and do all sorts of odd things to them. It has been a very popular party favor at conventions over the years, but at Fantasm it's barely more interesting than any other piece of furniture. The party was dead empty.

This sacrificial Easter bunny could've been at someone else's party. But I just liked the picture...

Out on the balconies and in the corridors random people in random costumes and/or random states of bondage meandered around, though more and more often people were disappearing to their rooms (or other people’s rooms).

Even degenerate DN crashed.

I soldiered on with a few other degenerates not yet ready to call it a night. But eventually the beautiful naked girls were replaced by things like this:

Degenerate WW points out an illustration of the Low Hanging Fruit Principal.

I gave in about 5:30 AM. I was supposed to turn in my Party Judge ballot before 1 PM, but of course I didn't wake up until about then. I tried to phone in my vote for the Carnivale party, but I never found out if the message got through. Next time I'll make sure to wrap up my keys in the ballot or something so I can't help but remember it.

Everyone else who's commented on the con has mentioned how they're already looking forward to next year. It took me two or three days just to stop the images from this year running through my head non-stop! But now I've caught up on sleep, my legs have recovered from three days of walking non-stop, and I've almost washed all the potato salad out of my wardrobe.

How long until next year?

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