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April 2004

Thursday Afternoon

A quick cruise through the dealer’s room showed an incredible assortment of merchandise of mostly an adult “novelty” bent. Whips, chains, candle wax for the nipples...
And an impressive array of surgical stainless steel implements, some with a medical background. Not my personal fetish, but whatever floats your boat...

I hate it when my fetish panties blowout!

Everywhere were signs of people making ready to have fun. Lugging coolers, fans, piles of computers and other electronic toys, heaps of costumes, and the occasional hair styling in the corridor.

The same girl later. She gets my personal award for
Best Non-Sexual Use of a Curling Iron for the weekend.

I did the meet and greet of the friends I usually see only at conventions, freaks and geeks like myself who came from far and wide for three nights of all-we-could-stand lunacy.

"The Reverend" John Ling

We lurked outside the entrance to the convention center, the best place to find old friends and meet new ones, forced there by the “no smoking indoors” signs.

As is common at such events, scantily clad girls trolled the halls in search of geeks with cameras. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Or maybe it’s a symbiotic relationship where neither could survive without the other. Regardless, you couldn’t swing a thigh-high boot without smacking it into some semi-nude strumpet striking a pose for an overweight computer geek. (Hey, it takes one to know one.) This year instead of lining up with the rest of the geeks, I borrowed an idea from photographer (and former Atlantan and Rock*A*Teen) Chris Verene and shot the photographers shooting their subjects.

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