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The Forty Fives CD Release Show
Grand Champeen, Dynamite Brothers, Forty-Fives
The Star Bar
June 2004

We hustled out of Corndogorama up Moreland to the Star Bar a bit early, hoping to have enough time to get off our feet and get a drink before the show started, only to find nowhere to fuckin' sit. I miss the old benches and additional seating area they used to have at the Star Bar. Crap, even a few more bar stools around would help.

A short time later, Grand Champeen from Austin, TX, open their set with a the classic Boston instrumental Foreplay. The Gourds came from Austin a couple of weeks ago and did Boston's More Than a Feeling, so apparently Austonians are down with Boston!

Grand Champeen followed the area rock with originals that have a straight up rock sound with a slightly Southern flavor, nothing surprising but a welcome change from the downbeat sound prevalent at Corndogorama.

Dynamite Brothers followed with fast, intense stuff that tended to be a bit noodly. I was reminded of various jazzy arty fusion acts from the 60's and 70's like Cream. There were moments I really enjoyed, and moments I could barely stand. Unfortunately my cohorts weren't in the mood so we slunk downstairs and rested our throbbing feet for most of the set.
On came The Forty-Fives with their usual sweat-soaked, cranked up garage rock.
I was impressed with the turnout for the show, what with so much else going on in town. But The Forty- Fives put on a show, so it's worth skipping out on other alternatives to twist and shout and shake and shimmy along with the band and the fans.

They did their blistering cover of Shake, a few of their standards and a few new ones off the CD, High Life High Volume. I picked it up at the show and gave it a quick listen and noticed a little more production - background vocals, additional instruments, etc. - than on their previous releases, but I highly recommend getting them all:

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