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Gringo Star, Carbonas
November 2006

I had Friday off, thanks to veterans, so I went to Lenny's on Thursday but missed the acts I'd wanted to see since they've actually started bands at the listed start times, rather than the Atlanta standard "whenever a big enough crowd shows up." So I sat at the bar chatting with my date and Cowboy, the 77-year-old former trucker who is the Man About Town. A couple of bands played but I didn't pay much attention as I was busy being social.

Saturday there were a ton of entertainment options but Lenny's won out due, in part, to the proximity to home. Again I missed an act or two due to early start times, but Gringo Star was on stage when we arrived.

"Gringo Star" is the new name of "A Fir Ju-Well", though why they changed I can't really say. There was an article about it in the Loafing a while back, but it's not really important. They sound pretty much the same, and still change instruments every couple of songs.

Which makes me think they should've been named "Chinese Firedrill." It's good, scruffy indie rock with moments of power and pop. Despite the constant on-stage lineup changes, the tunes all sound like they're coming from the same band, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Next up was supposed to be The Black Lips. I recognized the guys on stage, but not as The Black Lips. Eventually I was corrected - this is the Carbonas.

Good, straight-up punk. So straight-up, in fact, it all sounds too familiar. They're good at it, but I need a little twist in my nostalgia.

These guys did a fine set of Misfits covers back at Halloween, so they're well schooled in their punk.

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