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Halloween 2002
Greasepaint at the Star Bar

They had a deal where you could pay $10 to get into both 9 Lives and The Star Bar, so we skipped Gargantua and headed across the street.

I particularly like the smoke detector in the top of the picture.
A couple of the clowns from Bindlestiff Family Cirkus were doing a sideshow act, including knife throwing and fire breathing, but we'd missed much of the show. Fortunately they quit soon after we arrived, since they took up half the room with their act.
When they cleared out the room filled, the majority of folks in costume. Some of 'em were very imaginative, some very complicated, and some just damn sexy.
I think it was Gonzalez that played next, doing some good hard/heavy straight up rock stuff.
Degenerates SW and LH wimped out and headed home after a bit, but CD and myself stuck it out through a long interlude of Sarsaparilla Gorilla, singing, often off-key, with only a stand-up bass for accompaniment in a bright blue gorilla suit while they prepared for the headliners on stage behind him. It was a cute act, for about three songs, but half an hour later we were wishing they'd gotten on with the show.
Greasepaint came on with slight changes to their normal costumes. Laffo, AKA Jim Stacy, was transformed into a creepy Hare Krishna looking thing with tremendous eyebrows, and Puddles, AKA Mike Geier, was a giant fairy.
They even had a new member, a diminutive man in a top hat named Winston Fordhook Lima Turnbuckle, stomping around beneath the giants on stage and yelling through a bullhorn from time to time.
The monkey girls came out as Siamese Twins, so Laffo performed a Siamese Twindectomy on stage with a skill saw, cutting the two apart as strobe lights flashed and gore, in the form of silly string, shot out into the crowd.
Freed of each other, the monkey girls danced up a storm.
Their set was a bit different than "usual", if the word can be associated with such an act. There was a bit less circus sound, a bit more rock. But the monkey girls tossed out candy and peanuts, the bartenders were serving free hot dogs, and the whole room had been transformed into a circus tent for the occasion. So the show as a whole still had the feel of what the circus is like after the crowds go home and the performers have broken into the booze and drugs - the freaks running the insane asylum.


Unfortunately, the late night took it's toll the next day at the office and by the end of the day we were too pooped to continue the Halloween party week and crashed early. Ah well, time to start thinking up costumes for next year...

Greasepaint at the Star Bar


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