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October 2005

Saturday - Jake's Toadhouse Monday - Clermont Lounge

We kicked things off at The Local where they were getting ready for Scaryoke, the Halloween version of karaoke. I'm really NOT a karaoke fan, but they did have some fantastic jack-o-lanterns!

A few drinks and dinner later we headed across the street to The Clermont Lounge. We were already feeling jovial when we arrived.

Halloween on a Monday sucks. I should've just admitted defeat and taken Tuesday off. Instead, I intended to pace myself, get home relatively early, get to work a little late and just deal with it. Important life lesson - FN should not carry around a canteen full of rum!

Pretty soon The Love Drunks appeared, done up as the cops from Clockwork Orange. They do punky garage kinda stuff, reminding me a lot of Richard Hell. They put a lot of energy into the show and I really enjoyed it.

There were some fun costumes in the crowd, but not as many as I was hoping for. I've been to the Clermont on a Halloween weekend when the room was packed with crazy costumes, but the weeknight Halloween had many folks unprepared to play.

Fortunately the bands made up for it with The Cogburns in Clockwork Orange droog attire.

Johnny even appeared with a cricket bat for a Clockwork Orange/Jimmy Page/Spinal Tap moment.

As usual, Johnny put a lot of gusto into the show, clambering onto the bar and working his athletic protector in a manner entirely befitting the Clermont.
Some time around midnight The Rock City Dropouts took the stage but that part of the evening is something of a blur. Shortly after, SW dragged me out the door and home.

Work was absolutely hellish the next day, but I'd foolishly agreed to be there for a couple of meetings in the morning.

I remember, some 20 years ago, when I'd stay out half the night, drinking anything and everything I could get my hands on, and still get up to work a breakfast shift. Crap, I hate getting old. Happy belated (and belabored) birthday to me!

Saturday - Jake's Toadhouse Monday - Clermont Lounge

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