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The Star Bar has The Spooks, Cola Freaks, Coffinbound, Mourdella, Predator.
The Star Bar
November 2008

Text and photos by Frederick Noble

There wasn't an event this year that was the place to be. Instead, there were half a dozen shows or parties any of which could've been a fine time so we had a tough time deciding what to attend. In the end, we opted for The Star Bar, since there would be a variety of acts on stage, several of our friends in the crowd and a bunch more folks pouring in once the show down at Variety Playhouse ended. So when we walked up to the door and the doorman recognized us right off as Buffalo Bill Cody and Annie Oakley, we were already smiling.

Soon after we arrived, a band got on stage. Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of pictures or notes and I got sent out of town on business before I could write my review, so my memory is very fuzzy at this point. It was probably Predator.

I vaguely remember enjoying them but really I was there to see what other costume ideas people had come up with.

For example, Bill and Laura from Twin Peaks. (I'm not a fan of the show, but EM is.)

Next up, Coffin Bound? Cola Freaks? I have no idea at this point.

I think we headed downstairs for some quiet/air and stumbled across The Joker in candystriper attire - cute.

Back upstairs, Mourdella, led by the lovely and talented Jessica Juggs, was belting out some loud, hard, vagely punky/riot grrl racket. Again, I vaguely remember enjoying it but was having more fun gawking and chatting than paying attention to the music.

Especially when folks like Heather show up as The Hulk by merely wearing purple warm-ups and those big foam Hulk fists.

Eventually band #4 took the stage.

By which point we'd been there several hours and the joint had gotten crowded. Tired, we decided to slip out before The Spooks took the stage. We headed to Estoria where a friend of ours was DJing and a few regulars were in costume, including the bartender dressed as Homey the Clown.


We lingered for a beer, chatting with random folks until even that was too much effort.

A week later I chopped off the white portion of the Buffalo Bill goatee but kept the handlebar moustache for a bit. EM likes it, so it looks like I'll have whiskers for a while.

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