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Inman Park Festival
April 2004

Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures and I was drinking all day. Well, fortunate for me, but unfortunately for those of you living vicariously through Degenerate Press or using us to put together your hazy memories of the day. So here's the best of our crummy photos from the Inman Park Festival, in no particular order.

Find your editor in this photo and win a prize.

Unlike the Dogwood Fest this year, the Inman Park fest not only allowed dogs, they celebrated them with folks like this basset hound rescue group marching in the parade with a whole mess of dogs.
At least they weren't dyed pink like this poor thing.
Also prevalent in this year's parade were various anti-war messages and other political groups of a left-leaning bent.

But just about anyone can get into the parade, such as the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club. Another truck rolled by with Santa in the back.
Even the local Klingon group marched by with their leader egging them on from the back of this SUV.

But even they weren't as confusing as the Buick dealership that had about a dozen SUV's. We cheered sarcastically as they went by with their little window stickers showing their mileage, "Yay, TWELVE MILES A GALLON! WoooHOOO!"

There were marching bands of all sorts too, from kilted Scotsmen...
to the local gay marching band (I know, a bit of a redundant term),
to the Marching Abominables, a bunch of former band geeks now banded together so that they can crash events like this. Fun stuff.
Also in fashion this year, old two-wheelers like this.
Actually, no, the Vespa is the old two-wheeler in fashion this year. They were everywhere, including a group done up in full Mod fashion. But even outside the parade you couldn't swing a cotton candy without hitting a Vespa.
My favorite float this year was one done up like the yellow submarine from the Beatles cartoon. Very cool.

This has been appearing all around Cabbagetown, stenciled over various signs like "no left turn." It usually doesn't even have the "dr. blade" beneath it. I thought maybe it was some weird, fascist neighborhood watch logo or something but SW did a little poking around online and found this site.  Someone has gone to a lot of effort for what is basically just another meaningless graffiti tag, since 90% of them don't have the text, just the logo.

Who doesn't?

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