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Jupiter Watts at The Earl
Atlanta Rollergirls
April 2006

Whew, it's nice to take a break and work on Degenerate Press efforts in the midst of all that Loafing nonsense. No more word counts and no more dull, flat pictures on fuzzy off-white newsprint.

Saturday after the events I covered for the Loafing, degenerate CD and I wandered town in search of entertainment. The Dutch Loves Bijou burlesque show had been more than half empty. We hit Mulligan's in East Lake where some a band was doing a lot of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton covers. They did a fair job but it was still just covers, and the room was also more than half empty. I'd gotten all done up for the night so I dug into the paper in search of something more fun. I noticed The Jupiter Watts was headlining at The Earl so we headed that way.

They did a cover of The Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows, a perfect example of what their own material sounds like - at moments a bit poppy, sometimes spacey, lots of harmonies and catchy hooks. Good stuff.

Check them out for yourself at

Sunday it was back out to the 'burbs for Atlanta Rollergirls' second bout of the second season. I had let time slip away from me over the afternoon, working on the Thunderbird, but I picked up degenerate CD again and booked it out past Stone friggin' Mountain a good twenty minutes before the bout was schedule to begin, only to find the parking lot overflowing and people already crammed inside. Apparently the pre-match tailgaiting party is getting to be quite the afternoon affair so next month I'm getting there early.

This season features a new team, The Toxic Shocks, comprised of members of the other teams plus a few new folks, up against The Denim Demons, who also featured some new faces. I neglected to take any pictures of the action on the rink until the third bout, but I did snap quite a few shots of the intermission band, The Despised, fronted by Rollergirls announcer Rot-ney. He warned the crowd in advance, saying something like "If you don't like punk you're really not going to like this."

They proceeded to scare half the crowd out of the building very loud, very fast, mostly unintelligible hardcore punk racket. Rot-ney seemed to be on the verge of posession by the spirit of G.G. Allin as he screamed out the lyrics and shifted between a grin and a demonic grimmace.


On the rink the lead kept changing hands. The teams have enough veterens and talented rookies to make me impressed with almost every jam. Some of the new players have hilarious names (Sk8 Outta Compton being my fave) and the crowd really got into it.

There was also a media frenzy. I'm not sure what all these guys are shooting for, but it's nice to see the sport gaining attention.

With my little digital camera it's tough to catch the action. 1) It's a little far off, 2) it's dark, 3) it's moving fast, 4) the delay on a digital camera between the time you click the button and the time it finally decides to take the fucking picture means you have to anticipate everything and this isn't the kind of sport where you can do that.

But here's the best of what I got.

Confused? Well, you should'a been there. You can find the complete schedule at

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