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The Holland Dutch, Can Can, The Moaners
Roller Derby
May 2008

Text and photos by Frederick Noble

Despite MySpace bulletins to the contrary, Lenny's does not yet have A/C after the tornado took the units off the roof a while back.
"The owners got some of those floor units but they didn't vent them outside so..." said the doorman.
"So they don't understand the laws of thermodynamics?" I responded.
But even so, a bunch of old scenesters and degenerates from the early Star Bar days showed up, probably due to the presence of Rob Gal on guitar with The Holland Dutch, formerly of 6X and countless other efforts. There were folks I hadn't seen out and about in years.

Fronted by a former clogging champion and fellow former Dahlonegan, Courtney King,  the group plays simple rock that reminded me of the darker moments of The Go Go's with a bit more bite. Not great, but good. This was their first of many CD release shows, they joked.
Husband/wife duo Erin and Elliot Dangar take up the rhythm section with competence and energy.

Read more on their myspace page.

Outside the weather was delightful, especially compared to the rapidly rising heat and humidity inside. Lenny's relatively new patio area makes for nice breaks for fresh air and relaxing on plastic lawn furniture. I sat and wondered why they weren't getting hassled by The Man or The Neighbors about the open doors, allowing the music to blare across the parking lot to bounce of the condo/apartments 50 yards away. Moments later a woman appeared, asking me why the doors were open. I directed her to the doorman, who directed her to Bean, the booking agent, who directed her to call the owners. The buck being insufficiently passed, she continued to complain until the doors were shut during the live music portions of the show. Fortunately for us, there weren't many people there. Unfortunately for the bands, and the people that missed the show, there weren't many people there!

Which is a shame because Can Can could be my new favorite band. I jotted down a note, "somewhere between Andrew W.K., The B-52's, and former local band Love Drunks" before I realized the male singer was indeed Patrick A., formerly of the Love Drunks.

My only other note for their performance - "Fuck yeah." I was having too much fun to bother taking notes. Patrick jumps around like crazy, the female singer/guitarist stays in time with the drums, and the whole thing feels like it could spin out of control at any moment.

It has the stripped down sound of a 2 piece, for the most part, with only a rare pounding on the keyboard to fatten things up.

See their myspace for more.

Shows at Lenny's on Fridays go on early, like 9:30, so they can pack the house later with DJ's. The headlining act goes on about 11, but even still the old timers emptied out. Their loss. The Moaners, from Chapel Hill, were excellent.

Melissa will occasionally play harmonica and I've seen her play saw and Laura play guitar, but for the most part it's a bluesy two-piece with rumbling guitar and Melissa Swingle's sultry-to-whiny, southern accent up front, and Laura King beating the daylights out of drums in back - almost a female Immortal Lee County Killers.

Like ILCK, and Can Can before them, Melissa let the music move her, sometimes falling to her knees to thrash around.

Like everyone, they have a myspace page.

Saturday was Derby Day - no, not Kentucky, Roller.

I dug a fez out of the closet and headed to the Shriner's Palace/Temple/Compound on Ponce, dressed in style and ready to have a swell evening of sport, only to be stopped by Atlanta Rollergirls security and told to remove my fez. It seems the Shriners are the only ones allowed to wear the silly red hats on their property. What the hell? "I know, I know, but they think you're making fun of them," the  security guy said.
Well, yeah, I am, but I'd think anyone that can wear a fez and ride in a go cart in a parade would have a sense of humor.

Once I stowed my hat back in the truck, I relaxed and enjoyed the bouts. The Apocalystix stayed ahead of the Saketuyas almost from the beginning thanks to some amazing skating by their star jammer, Belle of the Brawl.

Then The Denim Demons took on visiting team from California, The Derby Divas. We left at the half when we were ahead something like 80-11. We were hungry and it was an impossible lead for the visitors to catch.

See for scores, and to get tickets - highly recommended well in advance, as bouts have been selling out all season!

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