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Monster Bash
Starlight Drive In
June 2004

We arrived a little late, around 5 PM, and found the parking lot jammed. We got a spot on the fifth row or so and set up our chairs and such then cruised the parking lot ogling cars.

There was one row dedicated to Hearses, mostly of the Cadillac variety and mostly 70's models.
There was one sweet old Buick that needed a little work, but I'm sure they're spending their cash on gas these days!
There were a few other interesting vehicles around, but not nearly as many classic cars as I'd hoped.

Up at one end of the lot there was a nifty Haunted House and Art Show with works by Shane Morton and others.
Not exactly stuff you wanted to give mom and dad for their anniversary or anything, but fun stuff at very reasonable prices. There were also random vendor booths around selling videos, photos, posters, etc.
The live entertainment was MC'ed by Dr. Speculo, who gave out free prizes to those who caught rubber roaches shot out of a cannon by a devil girl. Other creatures of the night wandered about in the blazing sun.
The first musical act we caught was Rock City Dropouts, all familiar faces on the local scene. Loud, hard rock with a vaguely Southern Rock aftertaste, but more metal than Skynrd.
The devil girls joined in to flash devil horns.
At one point Shawn leapt the barricade and rolled into the parking lot to let his son play along.
Calu from The Doll Squad did numbers between bands. Unfortunately I didn't get the best photos, but you should'a been there!


Calu the Human Fly is captured by the Spider Woman.

The creatures and decor were courtesy of Netherworld Haunted House. Mutant zombie had a few drinks over the course of the afternoon and got a little shitfaced, though franky it was hard to tell the difference.
Gargantua did their usual set of unusually good hard/heavy/rock/metal. Despite their appearance in this particular photo, the crowd was appreciative. But then it was Gargantua's target audience - mostly black clothes, everyone covered in tattoos, sipping various beverages from the trunks of hotrods... Not a traditional Sunday meeting, but a swell time nonetheless.

Bitch wrapped up the night, but by that time I was tired and headed for our seats. Bitch ran a little long and continued to play as Harry Potter flickered up on the neighboring screen, causing a carload or two of parents and children to head back to the entrance fuming. But the crowd for the Monster Bash overflowed the designated lot into both neighboring lots, so I doubt a couple of complaints discouraged the Starlight Drive In management!

Evil Dead kicked off the movie portion of the evening, a comparatively slow and obviously cheap flick that would spawn the cult classic Evil Dead II. Most folks had either seen it several times or weren't interested, so the crowd was very chatty. Unfortunately, I was beat from a long weekend of wedding activities and a nagging sore throat, so I didn't stick around for Phantasm, the second feature, but there's Mondo Movies to look forward to all summer, the Drive Invasion over Labor Day weekend, and with the success of Monster Bash I'm sure there will be more coming soon.

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