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The Satanic Mechanics do The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Star Bar
February 2005

The Star Bar had scheduled their version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show the weekend before to celebrate their anniversary, but Atlanta was in the grips of a big ice storm so the bar sent out an email Saturday afternoon announcing the show's delay until Thursday. Good thing, we couldn't have gotten out of our driveway, much less across town.

So when Thursday rolled around I mustered up the gusto to get out on a week night, a rare mustering, and got to the bar early enough to socialize and get a drink.

Things kicked off with local lady about town Barb as Columbia being puppeteer for a giant pair of lips, singing along to Paul as Riff Raff singing the opening theme. Star Bar owner Gary was done up as Eddie on guitar. I didn't get a decent picture of the narrator on the far side of the stage until late in the show.

A familiar face if you've seen Johnny Knox and Hi-test played sax as Brad, and an unfamiliar face to me as Magenta on keys. It was odd hearing and seeing the music performed live, after seeing it lip-synched dozens of times. 


When each song ended the band took a break while the movie played on the TV's around the bar. People were a little slow to warm up to the show. I was the only one heckling at first but soon the crowd loosened up and threw out the traditional taunts, as well as many new ones (new to me, anyhow.)
The lovely and talented Mitsu performed as Janet. In general, the band impressed me with their attention to detail, both in the music and costumes.

And of course, Jim Stacy as Dr. Frank 'N' Furter, leading Brand and Janet, and the rest of us, down the path to Sodom, or at least sodomy...

Rocky, Rocky, RA RA RA!

It takes some serious pipes to do Eddie's number, Whatever Happened to Saturday Night? Jett, from Rock City Dropouts, can do the tune justice, even if the hairstyle doesn't match.

That's ok, he did a fine job with the dance number
and he was only on stage a few minutes before he gets the ice pick to the forehead anyhow...

Dammit, Janet!

They wheeled Dave out from behind the drums as Dr. Everett Von Scott, hilarious.

And what of the floor show that had been spoken of?

Unfortunately, the floor show inevitably leads to Frank's swansong.

The narrator was played by a familiar face to most Star Bar and Starlight Drive In regulars and gave just the right length of pauses between phrases to allow heckling.

And suddenly it's time for the Science Fiction/Double Feature Reprise. Don't slip on the wet, toilet-paper-covered toast on your way out of the theater...

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