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Independence Day Week -
Camping, Soap Box Derby, Deerhunter, Fiery Furnaces
July 2007

Camp Drunkalot Soap Box Derby Deerhunter, Fiery Furnaces

The weekend around July 4 used to be the Summertime Blast, a party I organized with explosives, beer, bands, barbecue and lots of chaos. But eventually the chaos got out of hand and the whole affair came to a crashing halt. So now when July 4 rolls around and people ask what fireworks display I'm going to watch I just grumble, "None. They're nothing compared to $1,100 worth of bottle rockets, a can of WD40 and a lighter." Sure, they're pretty, but the big, organized affairs are not scary. Then there's the parking, the crowds, the kids. And if you get drunk you look like an ass.
So the last few summers I have instead retreated to a once-secret spot in the North Georgia mountains with whomever I can badger into joining me for a camping trip. "Camping" is a relative term. For some hard-core types it involves packing in minimal supplies, hiking for miles, boiling your drinking water, eating trial mix, etc.
Me, I have to pack bitters - to go with the fruity rum drinks, of course. Italian sausage cooked with peppers, onions and potatoes was on the menu one night. Omelets for breakfast, with bourbon and lemonade to get things going early. That is camping to me.
This summer I hustled a lot of folks from my youth in them thar hills, graduates (or drop-outs) of Lumpkin County High and/or North Georgia College. It was 4 nights of lazy debauchery, booze and culinary experimentation over an open fire.
Some culinary experiments were more successful than others. Degenerate TJ put together what I called "The white trash shish kabob" - pickled sausage and marshmallow cooked on a stick.

Yes, I know what it looks like.

Fortunately, I don't know, and can only barely imagine, what it tastes like, as I was not brave enough to try it. But TJ is often ahead of the curve, so maybe this will catch on.

or maybe not...

We brainstormed on ways to make the White Trash Sish Kabob even "better" and decided the thing lacking was cooking it over a burning tire. Mmmmmm!

I returned to civilization in time to catch Die Hard at the drive in on July 4, a fireworks display of its own. Then it was off to the races!

Camp Drunkalot Soap Box Derby Deerhunter, Fiery Furnaces

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