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Prick Magazine Party at The EARL
with Crank County Daredevils, The Dexter Romwebber Duo, Artimus Pyledriver, and Big City Burlesque
St. Patrick's Day
March 2004

We hit The Earl and found a slightly more tattooed crowd than normal. Degenerate CD said he felt naked without the heavy body modification sported by most of the crowd. We wandered into the back room and bought raffle tickets for the tattoo giveaways and such, picked up some tickets for free Miller beer (perhaps my least favorite non-lite beer) and chatted with Prick editor Chuck Brank and other Prick family and friends.

Crank County Daredevils got up on stage done up in all black, looking like extras from the Mad Max films, and proceeded to crank out typical metal.
It seemed like they wanted to be Motorhead SOO bad.
They had their archetypal rock stage moves down too.
If you like the metal, you'll probably like Crank County Daredevils. They have plenty of energy, crank up the noise to 11, do all the things you expect a metal act to do.
Just in case there's not a handy stack of speakers to stand on, they bring their own toolboxes to climb up on for dramatic effect!
Between acts, Chuck Brank raffled off certificates for tattoos, piercings, tickets to the tattoo convention, etc., then a girl from Big City Burlesque got on stage and did a quick number.
The first girl did a belly dance with style and skill and a nice costume.

Chuck taking photos of the event.

Next up, The Dexter Romwebber Duo doing their stripped-down, cranked-up rockabilly bop. The drummer has a drum kit covered in photos of degenerate GS, and a tattoo of her as Wednesday Addams.
Dexter has moments where he seems possessed by the music while the drummer bangs along with a manic grin. Good stuff, and the new CD, Blues That Defy My Soul, kicks ass with occasional instruments that don't appear in the live act. Definitely worth having.

Chuck passed out free beer at random.

The next Big City Burlesque girl did a lovely fan dance to a tune I've heard a few dozen times at the various burlesque conventions and events I've attended.
I've seen this routine performed several times too and this girl did a fine job with it.
This may be my favorite shot ever with my digital camera.

Last up, Artimus Pyledriver, heavy heavy Southern rock.
I've enjoyed this act in the past, but on this particular night they were mixed poorly - too heavy on the guitar so the vocals were a distant grumble at best. You couldn't understand a word, not even during the chorus.
But they bounce around a lot and bring a ton of energy to the show.
And the fans love 'em.

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