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Torchy Taboo presents The House of Heat
Echo Lounge
June 2004

Saturday it was off to Echo Lounge for a night of burlesque – “Torchy Taboo presents The House of Heat.”

First up, Luminescent Orchestrii from NYC. They’re a musical group that does Eastern European and Gypsy music, something vaguely like the Gypsy Kings, if a comparison must be made.
They have three lovely ladies on violin,
 one guy on a big acoustic bass,
and another guy switching instruments at random. He even whipped out one of those keyboards you play by blowing in one end for a sort of accordion sound.

Good stuff I’d recommend highly. I meant to buy one of their CD’s but got distracted by the boobs that followed.

Boobs like the MC the Pontanis brought with them, a guy who tried to play the sly, witty host but came off about as funny as old jokes forwarded to you in email by your grandmother. Not even funny in a bad way, just bad. I’ve seen some hilarious MC’s for burlesque shows and he ain’t one of ‘em. We heckled him for a while, but then realized it only extended his stay on stage.
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