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Torchy Taboo presents The House of Heat
Echo Lounge
June 2004

Torchy Taboo came out with a flurry of a robe/cape/sash/gown thing.
Twirled aside to reveal a brilliant emerald gown.
Soon removed to reveal the sexiest midget in Atlanta!

OK, maybe she's not technically a midget, but the girl is a doll, and doll-sized.

A couple of creepy stagehands wheeled out a coffin, somewhat awkwardly on the uneven carpet of Echo Lounge's stage.
It was opened to reveal a red-headed demoness of sorts.
She revealed a little more of her devilish form.
Then her assistant offered his wrist and a knife. She sliced him open (or sliced open the blood pack on his wrist) and filled a goblet with the syrupy red liquid.
Which she drank down, of course. What else would you do with your servant's sacrificial blood? Donate it to Red Cross?!?
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