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More Doll Squad
February 2004
Miami Friday the 13th - The Doll Squad More Doll Squad Valentine's - Dames A'Flame

Saturday we headed to East Atlanta and Echo Lounge for another night of burlesque. The Dexter Romwebber Duo kicked things off with energetic rockabilly, stripped down to just drums, jangling guitar and Dexter’s bouncing voice. Good stuff.

Kingsized set up their gear in the corner so that the stage was mostly clear for the main attraction, the lovely and talented Dames A’Flame. The Doll Squad has a sexier style, but the Dames opt for a more theatrical presentation with fun, often bizarre skits and costumes. Sure, it’s still got the sizzle, but it’s more about the flare than the flesh.
Unfortunately, Torchy had requested some tables be placed up front for her friends and family so the closest we could get was just a bit too far for my wimpy digital camera. While the pictures are interesting in an artistic sense, they’re not very good at telling the tale in a journalistic fashion.
Or maybe I should pay more attention to my camera settings and less attention to the show.
Yeah, right.

But hey, you should’a been there so don’t come bitching to me. You missed dancing robots, monkeys on cell phones, fire, camels, Marie Antoinette, and more.
Instead, you get blurry pictures, almost all of which include the back of some guy's head.

The lovely Bijou doing a Dance of the Seven Veils, complete with a camel and a couple of extra musicians doing Middle Eastern music.

Having Kingsized back them up and as filler between acts, and occasionally participate in the acts themselves, really added that special something.
As if that weren't enough, the lovely and talented Shanghai Surprise. She's got the deepest, smokiest voice you'll ever find and uses it well in The Blue Velvets, a Tom Waits tribute act.
A couple of other acts sang as well, such as Crystal Lil.
These lovely ladies were conjoined twins, joined at the wig. They did an impressive act that involved changing clothes, then swapping clothes over each other's heads, one of those "How the heck...?" moments.
The highlight of the night for me was when Madly Deeply came out done up as an Indian Chief.
Then Mike Geier came out dressed up as an ear of corn.
He was slowly shucked.

Both of them stripped bit by bit.
Until Mike was down to a JiffyPop g-string. The Chief reached out to stroke it and he prematurely jiffypopped all over the stage - hilarious!
Torchy did a lovely dance with fire. Fortunately by then the folks at the table in front of me split and I was able to inch up enough to get a decent shot or two.

And the night ended with a panorama of pasties.

If you missed this show, you missed one of the finest evenings of entertainment in recent history! You also missed Torchy's final appearance in the Dames.

For more info on Dames A'Flame check out their web site at

Miami Friday the 13th - The Doll Squad More Doll Squad Valentine's - Dames A'Flame

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