January 29, 2014

Shantih Shantih, Tikka, The Coathangers

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The Star Bar hosted Boobiepalooza last week, a breast cancer benefit with various local boobies on stage, and quite a few boobs in the audience. I’m a firm supporter of breasts, so we bounced through the door early.

Shantih Shantih climbed on stage but seemed hesitant to get going without a proper introduction. Ted Weldon hopped up and said, “Here’s Anna Kramer and her little friends…” The crowd groaned with disapproval but he said, “What?” and stood to his full height to show that the lead singer’s mike stand put the microphone down around his belly button.

Shantih Shantih produces slightly meloncholy pop rock, something that somehow reminded me of both spaghetti westerns and Edith Piaf. (Apologies for the slightly shittier than normal photos. Maybe next show I’ll bring my better camera.)

Shantih Shantih

Shantih Shantih

Like a lot of local acts, they swap instruments and singers over the course of the set, making subtle changes to the sound.

Shantih Shantih

Shantih Shantih

If it weren’t for Anna Kramer’s nimble fingers on guitar, it probably wouldn’t have held my interest. Her guitar adds just enough spice to the mix. Her “little friends” sometimes appear to be struggling to keep up, but I’d see them again.

Next up, Tikka. (Again, apologies for the crappy pictures. In this case, I never could catch the lead singer during a rare moment when she looked up from her guitar.)


TikkaWe joked that my review could start with, “Clearly heavily influenced by Lucy Dreams…,” the former band from Atlanta that took all its cues from My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Radiohead. Tikka had a similar vibe: airy, lush, tuneful.

As with Shantih Shantih, I wasn’t knocked out by them but I’d give them another try.

They, too, swap singers for a couple of tunes. I think I actually preferred the male lead, but my memories are a bit fuzzy four days later as I stare, distracted, out the window at the blanket of snow covering my back yard.


pedal to the metalMore four! More four!

My photos of the Coathangers suck too, but this time I blame this guy.

The Coathangers

If you’re over six feet tall and don’t like the music, get thee from the front of the stage. I know, your girlfriend dragged you to this show, but just because you want to passively-aggressively ruin her night doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for the entire fucking room. Seriously, this was my view for almost the entire set.

The CoathangersFortunately, I’ve seen and reviewed The Coathangers perhaps dozens of times. I miss the goofy video game sounds the keyboardist used to bring, but they make a fine three-piece.

The CoathangersPunchy, sometimes screechy, sometimes sweet post-punk. One of the bartenders, Jayda, was brought her on stage to help belt out “Leave My Shit Alone” in celebration of her birthday. I’d been hoping to hear the tune after having some art work burgled earlier in the week.

The Coathangers

You can catch both Shantih Shantih and Tikka in February. Check out our Prophecy page for details.

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