September 20, 2010

Flashback – Rent Boys

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In the mid- to late-90’s I started photographing bands around Atlanta using black and white 3200 film with no flash. The results are high contrast, grainy, and look terrible on a computer monitor. But rather than leave them in a box, ignored, I’m dredging them out and scanning them. When possible I’ll find my old reviews from these shows and tack them on. Enjoy!

Since All Night Drug Prowling Wolves have finally got an album together and Tom Cheshire and company have (rightfully) become a hit, at least locally, I figured I’d flash back to one of the first times I saw him perform.

Originally broadcast February 2, 2000

Thursday we hit Echo Lounge early, expecting a reasonable kick-off time for a school night show. We should’ve known better but the dead time before the show let us socialize a bit and play with the glow in the dark advertising crap someone had littered the place with. The walls were decorated in Clash posters for the Clash tribute night, celebrating the re-release of the Clash catalog on CD.
An MC got on stage and gave away some Clash stuff, posters and CDs for those who could answer Clash trivia questions, then 6X got up and mixed in a Clash tune or three with their usual set. (Editor’s note: I cannot find photos of this set, so I may not have taken any.)

More giveaways, then The Rent Boys got up and did an entire set of excellent Clash covers, with little or no deviation from the originals.

Rent Boys

Rent Boys

Rent Boys

Rent Boys

The genuine sound was a true crowd pleaser. (We had to skip out and miss X-Impossibles due to the workaday lifestyle the DP staff must endure to keep this little effort free and ad-free.)

It would have been a great show but for the usual complaint about Echo Lounge – FIX THOSE DAMN LIGHTS. There’s no use for the row of lights behind the drummer that A) form a curtain of light blocking any view of the drummer, and 2) shine right in the eyes of the crowd making the few visible people on stage mere silhouettes. It’s impossible to shoot a decent picture there without a huge flash.

Saturday we hit the Star Bar a little late. The long Rockabilly Rumble lineup means things have to kick off at 7 and we just couldn’t get our shit together and get over there until almost 10. (Editor’s note: I have photos of this show and may get around to updating this review with them soon.) Belmont Playboys were on stage ripping it up with some raucous rockabilly, damn fine stuff.

Raging Teens, not really Teens and not really raging, followed with some SUPER genuine rockabilly. I didn’t even know New Hampshire really existed, much less that it could be the birthplace of such a superior act.

Blacktop Rockets hit the stage right at midnight, sans Johnny Knox. I don’t know if this is a permanent lineup change (though a very familiar one) or if it was just a temporary thing. Regardless, it was the usual good set from the local heroes of rockabilly, and organizers of the fest.

Due to a Degenerate Press staffer’s efforts to quit smoking we had to leave the show early. The second hand chemicals in the air were teasing her into full blown withdrawal and she just couldn’t take it. Let that be a lesson to the viewers at home – quitting smoking can ruin your life!

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  1. Nice, they have a Blue Note Album cover, look.

    Comment by Mark — September 20, 2010 @ 9:57 pm

  2. Damn, I never saw this Tom Cheshire ensemble. And with 6X opening! Great photos of what looks like a fun, fun night.

    Comment by Suellen — September 21, 2010 @ 7:15 am

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