Poore Richard's Really Poore Almanack

The last two years worth of “hometown newspaper” columns from Dahlonega, Georgia
that led to Richard Van Ingram being banned from the only news and opinion organ in the county.

  How the Bandits Got In the House Summer 2004
On the real nature of the Republican Revolution.
  The Dangers of Second Hand Thought Autumn 2004
On authenticity and integrity.
  How to Lose Friends and Influence No One December 2004
On the rewards of philosophy.
  There Is Always Hope February 2005
On hope in the depths of despair.
  Farewell to a Stranger March 2005
An essay in memory of Hunter S. Thompson.
  Troubled Thoughts in a Time of Crises September 2005 [unpublished]
On Hurricane Katrina, Right-Wing Egoism and the effects of selfishness – rejected for publication; read it and see why.
  A Meditation on Truth December 2005
On truth and culture, the union of the Divine and the mortal.
  Of Stormy Nights and Rough Seas; Or, I Fought the Law and the Law Won February 2006
On the immorality and injustices of the Bush Administration and the apathy of the American people.
  The Death of a Myth and Birth of the Lie March 2006
On the end of creativity and freedom in the land of standardization and predictability.
  Limericks For Our Times April 2006
The truth about Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, and Cheney – and it rhymes.
  Why I Vote For Democrats May 2006
Why a vote for the Democrats is a protest against injustice, greed, and ignorance.
  A Lesson In Education and Politics June 2006
A commentary on the Lumpkin County School System after The New York Times reported on the problems teaching evolution in Dahlonega, GA in science classes, and the strange conduct of a principle and the superintendent.
  I Have Seen The Light August 2006
A .10 gauge barrel full of sarcasm, irony, facts, and foolishness in answer to the local and national hyper-conservative glassy-eyed zombies who see no problem with torture, poverty, a police state, and an unending state of war. A long, somewhat sloppy rant – amusing if nothing else.
Farewell 10 October 2006



Richard Van Ingram
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