Writing and poetry
From the 1990's

by Richard Van Ingram

  does she
      when it's late?

does she
          stirring coffee

              in a darkened room

    reach for IT

         without moving

             at all?

does she

          gather together

               her grey housecoat
     when it


the memory

          of the near-miss

                         special Christmas night

     when she

         nearly unwrapped


to discover

          whether he was

the jack-in-the-box


     does she know

          how close was

               how near was

                    how like bones

               at the shooting range

          how like whispers

     on the fly's legs

                 does she?

words could have

                     they did


          hands burnishing

               skin bright

                    and glowing

                         how much better



but that was the finale

          finale not the opening

                    applause fast shuffle off

out of sight and




does she?

          does she?


                    dicerollers would say


                                        someone else does.


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