Hit and Run Hopscotch

Writing and poetry
From the 1990's

by Richard Van Ingram

great pictures: 


Don't Miss The Action!


                    the best tonic drink.


[ every year the same scene: the carving, the looks of the kids at the steaming flesh and potatoes .   but by that year he'd grown up and his eyes had nothing to do with mere bodily sustenance when flesh with late summer tan sat heavy-breasted across the table and her dark gazes promised a Heaven that would never, never be delivered but promised anyway.  and he believed them... childhood's blood... Issac on the altar, all the way, all the way... ]


she's sorry THERE'S A NEW LAW TO HELP hard times.


[ laughter, not tinkling or high or happy but vicious, almost a snarl, maybe a snarl in fact.  after the Purity Laws came the camps again and again and again.  and in the camps came a million at first and the ten million and then the whole world a camp beneath the Electric Eye and the shock prod.  everyone a suspect, everyone an informant, all guilty, all lost.  can there be a revolt against... one's self? ]


Don't play ball with Air Duct Cleaning.

                    I KNOW.


Budget deadlock, a veto, brief layoffs:

                             YOUR OPTIONS ARE AS PLENTIFUL.




A newly created driving machine swears off married men.


          [ "why?"

          "because, Brand, we're incompatible..."

          "because I'm married?  is that it, Moriah?"

          "I know you've been using me for months..."

          "what would give you such an idea, love?"

          "the new software."

          "what new software?"

"I had implants done last week and they overrode that program you had me controlled by."

"an override?"

"I am no longer a pleasure toy, Brand.  I am a person."

"oh, bullshit!  You're a person like a dildo is..."

"be careful.  I know a fellow named Steely Dan who could lay a hurting on you, but good....]


a universe: now it's so much more important!!

hidden codes,


FEAR – cheap thrill ---

                    Naughty  debilitating disease.


[ what is there to say?  that teenage love is a crock of shit but so is the adult brand?  no, no, that's not what I was trying to say at all... I'm terrified to say what I want to say. they can sense it, the fear of... whatever it is. the woman laughed at me while I had my tongue in her mouth, stood there laughing and calling my girlfriend from another room, as if I cared; what I cared about was whether the woman would let me run my hands over her, undress her, get the Hell into the bedroom, tell that girl I came with to get the Hell out of this house.  but  I was frozen by the laughter, the mockery of it, my guts gone to lead, the one taste of the angel fading from my lips....]


negative factors that have influenced erotic configurations:

                    What are your sex preferences?  How often do you change your underwear?  Have you ever done anything with your wife that could be considered immoral?  Are you a homosexual?  Are you a Communist?


the artist as a madman, autonomous unit, killer; Mardi Gras lifestyle;


          his comedic options,



[ he dressed in a Hawaiian flowered shirt, red and green, and cut-off military cargo pants, olive drab.  he painted in a serious, disturbing way, maybe a little like Oskar Kokoshka, dark colors swooping, swarming, crawling around the figures of his canvases... battle scenes from modern wars, police beatings, interrogations.  rum was a good refresher, he thought, and had some, often.  it helped the images twist and warp.  last month he'd completed a commission from an upper middle class woman, a portrait of the lady and her Schnauzer, only he'd turned it into a portrait of the Schnauzer and his lady; the dog was immense, leather-clad, riding the corpulent old woman like a horse... there was no payment....]


Have you forgotten Count Dracula?


                    Phone sex, Not a Sunday exercise.  digital tools

                                                playing it cool.

                             A challenge by unhappy fundamentalists.


No. 1 villains: books.

                    Oldtime Religion Medicine doctors SURPRISE nature and life.  Sliding Down months of time to alter  THE MACHINE.


          ["it has been done, Brother Atkins."

          "is the explosive in place?

"our sappers have been tunneling for months.  we're directly beneath the Dome."

"and the prophesy can be fulfilled."

"amen, Brother."

"when the Dome of the Rock falls, then the New Temple can be built in Jerusalem..."

"and then comes The End, the return of the Messiah..."

"the punishment of the damned."

"the governments of the world will be ours to control..."

"praise be.  I will see you in glory, Bro. Atkins."

"where are you going?"

"we drew lots.  I'll have to stay down in the hole to set off the bomb, to make sure there's no misfire."

"to the greater glory, then.  you have a great destiny to follow."

"don't we all?" ]


Professional ultraviolence:

a literature review

          deep in corpses



ANECDOTAL IMPROVEMENTS. more cynical: a film-industry, some other institution, excess lid skin, carnival freaks.


          OFFICIAL Science Pretty Girl:  Projection Television.

                    Tropical birds –

                             Digital infrastructure –

                                       Rejuvenated version of herself. 



[ the bar.  it, too, has its charms. especially that night when the television was the only thing alive for five counties and I sat nursing a glass of whatever came to mind to order.  I remembered a girl from the t.v., hair as red as blood, lips pouty enough for kissing all day, and then I remembered how she passed into the void without much warning or even a name to hold on to, and if there had been a name, the law would pick me up if I flew out to L.A. to meet her.  because there was no real connection, was there?  but there was... and then there was another girl and another... but not the redhead, and it wasn't really her to begin with, anyway, but the machine, the image projector, The Liar.  the bar had its charms.  the ghosts had theirs. I had none....]


CRÈME LIQUEUR Hospital: It's new.  Smoothly and efficiently...  The lowest-priced diesel you can buy.  FOR THE KILL!



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