Poore Richard's Really Poore Almanack

Being an introductory & explanatory note for those first visiting the almanack.

Part Two: How To Use The Almanack

The Almanack is a resource. It has essays of all sorts, fiction, visual art high and low, finished and unfinished works. The easiest way to approach most of the writing is to download it and print it on paper – some pieces are longer than the average net article.

Primarily, the aim of The Almanack is to spur thought and discussion and to spread theories and interpretations of ideas I think may be useful or beneficial to the public. My ideas are primarily philosophical and ethical, but some are also theological and spiritual in nature, not to mention psychological and, of course, political. I reserve the right to speak from all points of view so long as I am competent to do so.

A secondary aim is cultural; whether by sharing my own art of various sorts or through literature, commentaries, or seemingly uncouth rants and vulgar stories, I would like to make a (very, very) small, but positive, contribution to the ongoing discussion that is Western Culture. Sometimes even a fool speaks wisdom.

A third aim is entertainment. Some things I make are heavily laced with material created simply because I find it enjoyable and possibly humorous. Perhaps, if nothing else, you may find some of the things I make enjoyable as well, even if you don’t particularly agree with me.

As stated above, you may link to this site or things within this site for free as long as you give me and this site full credit and spread the word it exists. You may reprint or quote my non-fiction writings at length only on not-for-profit sites or within not-for-profit printed works on condition that a) I am notified of the use, b) a copy of the site address or printed work is made available to me, and c) I am given full credit and an opportunity to make short remarks for potential clarification if I see fit.

Contact me about any desire to use images prior to borrowing them.

Anyone wishing to use the material on this website in any way that may lead to profits of any sort must contact me and work out a deal and receive my written and signed permission first. Of course, short quotes for reviews, summaries, and other works may be covered by Fair Use laws and I do not expect compensation for such. Only, as a courtesy, allow me to know when, where, and how my work is to be used or reviewed in case of a Fair Use situation so I can make note of it.

Finally, I welcome e-mail. I am not interested in spam, but I am certainly interested in comments, discussions, suggestions, ideas, and questions. Whether you agree or don’t, or you aren’t sure, or if you see something you like or don’t, feel free to write.





Richard Van Ingram
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