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Our Halloween review is finally up:

After the concession and victory speeches, this is the only thing Iíve read that made me laugh:

VICTORY 2004: President's Acceptance Speech Inviting the 55 Million America-Haters Who Voted Against God to Bend Over and Take It Like a Prison Bitch: "Earlier today, Senator Kerry called me to admit that he is a pansy-assed loser. He was very gracious. And so was I. Hell, I even held my hand over the receiver so he couldn't hear me cracking up over all the fruity liberal garbage he was spouting about 'healing' and 'uniting' the people." 

There was an interesting interview with T. R. Reid, former Washington Post London bureau chief, about Europe on NPR yesterday and why he titled his new book "The United States of Europe: The New Superpower and the End of American Supremacy."
You can listen to the interview here: 
Anyone else taking foreign language lessons?

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