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Time for some leftover turkey, a week later all old and dry but still packed with powerful memories of last week's feast:
Tryptophan Fest at Mulligan's, North Mississippi Allstars, Drive By Truckers at The Tabernacle:

Listen this Thursday to WRFG 89.3 or from 7-9pm EST for an occasional quip by your dictator in chief, Frederick Noble. I’ve been doing some interning there for the regular Thursday night DJ, Dave Chamberlain, on his Sagebrush Boogie show.
In other WRFG news, they’re working on moving their broadcast tower so you’ll actually be able to get the station around town. Currently it’s in a valley on the SW side of town, so the downtown skyline creates a shadow across much of the NE side of town. But it’s an expensive operation. You can support the effort, and the station’s day-to-day operation, by attending their silent auction this Sunday, 4-7pm, at the Inman Park Trolley Bar on Edgewood near Elizabeth. $12 gets you food, drink and live music and people usually have some interesting stuff up for sale. Heck, I’m tempted to put up some old sculpture myself to help keep the most interesting local radio station on air.

We’ve been getting a lot of stuff from subscribers lately on the sociopoliteconomical front. Sorry, but we sorta ODed on that over the last couple of months. I’m pretty much convinced this country, this planet and humanity in general is doomed. We’re flawed beyond salvation and we’ll continue to degenerate towards Gomorrah! So we’re going to let it slide for a while and occasionally laugh about it, while we still can:

“And if I laugh at any mortal thing,
‘Tis that I may not weep.”
Byron, from Destruction of Sennacherib

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