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We’ve updated our virus software to protect against the latest worms, viruses, Trojan horses, and spoofers like the crap that got sent out from somewhere last episode. A full scan of our machine revealed no such creatures, so it ain’t me, it’s you. Yes, you are the Typhoid Mary of Degenerate Press! Get your machine cleaned, dammit.
Meanwhile, here’s some response to last episode:

>>why can't people who can design incredible viruses that spread worldwide and damage or disable thousands of computers use proper grammer?

in this case, it looks like because they are not English speakers.
more importantly, why can they use their power for good? like disabling only spammers' computers, or frying the launch data of all the missiles in the world.
Degenerate JH

Bonus points for degenerate SK who spotted our ironic misspelling in a complaint about bad “grammer”:
u don spel sew gud yerseff sumtimze

”Just wanted to say that your coverage of the Subsonics gig ROCKS.
Great pix and very lively, engaging commentary!”
Degenerate GN

If you thought that was good, here's more where that came from - the Prick Magazine Party at The EARL with Crank County Daredevils, The Dexter Romwebber Duo, Artimus Pyledriver, and Big City Burlesque on St. Patrick's Day:

Anyone know how to go about running for Atlanta city council? This 2:30 AM last call crap is pissing me off more every week. Added to the list of other things the local government is doing (or failing to do) and I'm getting tempted to stop complaining and heckling from the balcony and actually join the fight on the stage.

John "J.J." Jackson, who in the 1980s helped usher in the music video era as one of the first MTV on-air personalities, has died. He was 62. 
J.J. Jackson came across as a genuinely nice guy on air. He wouldn't be "edgey" enough to get on MTV these days, but I'll always have a nostagiac fondness for the first generation of MTV personalities due to too many late nights watching cable, a rare treat in the small town where I spent the majority of the 80's. I credit MTV and Showtime Aerobics for my short, perverted attention span in visual entertainment. J.J., you were already missed by many of us who occasionally tune in to MTV and ask "What the hell…? Didn’t they used to play music on this channel?!?"

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