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Our report on the weekend in Brownwood, Texas:
Hope you enjoy it 'cause it's the final Degenerate Press publication for a while, if not forever.
That's right, after extensive research we've decided it is possible for me to run for Atlanta City Council! The down side is the Degenerate Press site will have to come down. My opponent in district 3, Ivory Lee Young Jr., would only have to google me to find a battery of ammunition and if you wanna play the game you gotta play hardball. Not to mention our time will be devoted to the race, not updated Degenerate Press!
So we're busily backing up the site so that if we lose the race and decide to abandon the political hobby we can pick up our old hobby if it still interests us.
The up side is one of my first efforts in office would be working toward lifting various insane legislation such as the 2:30 AM last call. So come November vote Frederick Noble for District 3 Council Member!
For more on the Atlanta City Council see will probably come down at the end of the week when I announce my official entry into the race. It's been a long, strange trip but I expect the future will be even stranger. So look for tales from the political trail coming soon to a venue yet to be determined. (We're working on another domain for our campaign site, though obviously it won't feature degenerate reporting…)
Hope you enjoyed these last 11 years of vicarious living as much as I enjoyed living ‘em!

It's raining men, haleiluja, it's raining men

In other news, degenerate GG sent us this:

"Just wanted to mention that my local history website is now out there. Basically, it compares photos of Atlanta from four or five decades ago to current photos taken from the same perspective. It's a work in progress, as they say. This is probably a pretty big understatement, but I think that fans of documentary photography are likely to be more impressed than folks from the web design world! If this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to check it out. If not, sorry for the won't happen again."

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