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As mentioned, itís been a film-filled spring. We caught the action-packed MC5 documentary a while back at Echo Lounge. Donít look for it at Blockbuster any time soon. A) Itís a documentary, B) itís hung up in legal entanglements over who gets paid. But if youíre into music and you ever get a chance to see it, jump on it. It gives a great insight as to why the band is often cited as one of the godfathers of punk, garage and all things alternative.
Mondo Movie at Starlight Drive In on Sunday featured Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. Itís a fine film, even more so when you fail to notice any cheesy CGI special effects Ė Ďcause there ainít any. All those bodies flying through the air, cars rolling over, people on fire were all actual bodies, actual cars, and actual fire.
As always, a big highlight of the evening were the trailers for films you canít even find on IMDB, much less at the local Blockbuster. We watched the trailers before Soylent Green but split before the movie came on.
Then we headed back to the drive in for our weekly fix on Tuesday for Troy, an epic film that strives at every moment to beÖ well, EPIC. They couldnít just have a fleet of (CGI) ships, they had to have ships as far as the eye could see. They couldnít just have a small army attack Troy, they had to have soldiers as far as the eye could see. But they couldnít get any acting out of the actors as far as the eye could see. Brad Pitt is hunky but dull. Everyone else comes of as a caricature at best. But I have to hand it to the choreography department Ė the fight scenes were impressive. Definitely worth seeing at the drive in, especially with a pack of hecklers like we had. We probably missed 1/3 of the lousy dialogue due to laughter at our own jokes.

EAR PLUGS, sort of
Weíre getting caught up on the heap of reviews we ainít done. Hereís a few photos from the Inman Park Festival parade:

Degenerate GG have us a hypothetical argument for torture last episode that I said Iíd respond to. Fortunately, degenerate RVI beat me to it (so to speak):

GG: "I am glad to know I will never have to make such a decision, but I think a scientific poll might show that even more than 47% percent of the people questioned might squeamishly agree that some torture might be acceptable in such circumstances. After all, the poll question is a theoretical one: is torture EVER justified? Still, there are real world precedents:

In 1995, Phillipine intelligence agents used torture to stop a devastating plan to bomb 11 US airliners simultaneously, murder the Pope, and fly a plane into the CIA headquarters. "

Using this standard as a justification for torture, who in the world could you not "theoretically" justify torturing? Think: for all those in power EVER know, YOU or I may know where "nuclear bombs" (or whatever) may be hidden and ticking, even if we have little to no idea what the hell they're talking about as they begin to dismember us or flay the skin off our muscles in an attempt to find out what we might or might not know. And if it turns out they were wrong in picking us out to question, or if they're simply sadistic freaks on a grotesque power trip, too bad for us, right? Fear justifies inhuman behavior, right? Right. The very word "Inquisition" should cause everyone's flesh -- and conscience --to crawl. These techniques did not work to discover truth about "witches" and "heretics" centuries ago; they will not get us, institutionally, closer to truthfulness about terrorists and enemies of the state in 2004. If for no other reason than they make us unworthy of being saved in the first place because we become, morally, no better than the enemy.
Degenerate RVI

We also got this from degenerate BW, though we arenít sure itís in response to the Blasphemy:

Get real! Do not break the law.......

In a related story, we borrowed this from The Onion online:

U.S. To Fight Terror With Terror
WASHINGTON, DCóIn a response to recent acts of extreme violence against Americans in Iraq and mounting criticism of U.S. military policy at home, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced the government's new strategy of fighting terror with terror Monday.
U.S. soldiers using the government's new policy to fight terror abroad.
"Look, in order to catch a rat, you gotta think like one," Rumsfeld said in a grainy and degraded videotape message filmed at an unknown location and released to CNN Monday. "We've been pussy-footing around the war on terrorism for years. All that time, the answer was right in front of us: In order to wipe out terror around the globe, once and for all, we've gotta beat them at their own game."

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