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You didn't ask for it, but they did it anyway. Perhaps the funniest show of all time, The Dong Squad:
As if that weren’t enough Star Bar brilliance, we’re off to Bubbapalooza in a few minutes. We have pictures from other shows we’re working on reviewing, but we figured if you’re on this list you want the perverse stuff first, mundane stuff later.
In other news, we headed down to The Cotton Club on Tuesday and missed the opening act, who went on some time around 8:20, but caught the second act, VHS vs. Beta (or maybe it’s Beta vs. VHS, we ain’t got time to fact check around here.) If you really miss the early days of The Cure when you could catch them in a club with a dozen or two other non-trendy people, make sure to catch Beta vs. VHS. I have never heard a more true to life recreation of The Cure’s sound (with maybe +5% New Order thrown in for good measure.) It was a truly intense moment of déjà vu when I noticed the girl in the Cheap Trick t-shirt in front of me while VHS vs. Beta cranked out incredibly archetypal 80’s tunes. They were good at it, I have to give ‘em that, but I lived through that decade once already.
The Von Bondies cranked out garage/punk stuff similar to all the other bands from Detroit I like so much, from MC5 to The Stooges to newer acts like Modey Lemon. If it weren’t a shithole, I’d be tempted to move there. But then if it weren’t a shithole, it probably wouldn’t inspire such energetic art...

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