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Damn, what a long weekend! We ainít got it in us to return for another day of corndogginí, but a full review of Corndogorama (or at least the Ĺ of it we attended) and the Forty Fives CD release show should be up in a few days. Meanwhile, hereís a review from last weekend, The Muppet All Star Cover Band, Hill Valley Preservation Society, and Wezzer:

Despite the dogpile we did on degenerate PK last episode, heís begging for more:

> PK -- I often get annoyed with those who offer America's economic
> prosperity as proof of our political system's virtue. Since you happen
> to be in real estate, consider this old axiom, "location, location, location."
> We, as a nation, happened to inhabit one prime piece of real estate; the
> climate is moderate, natural resources are abundant, and the terrain highly
> navigable. Thriving on this here is relatively easy, and just about any
> sloppy-assed political system could be an economic success here.

Much agreed. So you agree that homelessness shouldn't be made out to be the problem that it is, especially with the benefits of America's moderate climate, natural resources and highly navigable terrain? On that note, I don't think that the Native Americans had such a successful economy prior to the ingenuity of the empirical missions and voyages of European businessmen. It's not the land, it's the intention of the people that makes America great.

> Your editor really should stick to editing and not open his big mouth
> Ďcause he tends to put his foot in it when debating, but I canít let growling dogs lie.

Much agreed. This reader prefers the pictures of scantily clad women and music reviews that this broadcast is known for... they're much more enjoyable than foot eating.

> PK, One thing Iíve noticed from my enemies on the right is their derision
> and insult in the place of rational debate. Personally, I think itís because
> if they engage in rational debate they come up as short as their dicks.

It appears that the Left utilizes the same tactics.

> Címon, canít you even get out some half-baked semi-informed
> Rush-Limbaugh/Neil-Bortz-parroting ARGUMENT here?

I could throw out names like Al Franken and Michael Moore, but I'm sure you guys are smart enough to avoid their impractical, moronic, poorly planned, retarded, senseless, short-sighted, sophomoric, underdeveloped, uninformed, witless, backward, brainless, feeble-minded, half-witted, harebrained, idiotic, ignorant, ill-conceived, imbecilic lack of insight as well.

> rebuttal that might have led to an enlightened discussion in which
> all sides could contribute to a greater understanding of the issues at hand.
> Instead, he seems to have ignored them and taken refuge in his own,
> dogmatic view of the world

Take your own dogma for a walk. History shows us that socialism doesn't work. Here's another example of how Liberals hate diversity.

> Yes, the government can better spend individual's money on some things:
> Welfare, a social safety net, basic universal healthcare, education, the arts,
> libraries, police and fire departments, the military, interstate highways, research of all sorts.

WELFARE: I don't like going to the grocery store and having some welfare mother ahead of me with food stamps paying for a box of Cocoa Puffs and a 12 pack of Coca-Cola. Don't blame McDonald's for making our nation's kids fat, blame the Department of Family and Children Services (our government).

SOCIAL SAFETY: You'd rather spend money on some social safety net (whatever that is), but you disagree (probably) with Homeland Security? I see. Let's protect our masses from being homeless, but let's not protect asses from terrorist threat. Look at the big picture and it may help your problems with priorities.

BASIC UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE: Is that like getting a tooth pulled without the Novocain? Is it quality healthcare you want, or just healthcare?

EDUCATION: Just look at the numbers of private schools and home schools versus government schools. Is it quality education you want, or just education?

THE ARTS: I just love spending my money on someone taking a crap on a canvas. Artists can make money if the fruits of their "labor" is in demand.

> Of course, since I am a socialist, you knew what my answer would be. As for "how much," that would depend on how much you make.

I agree. Those who earn $35,000 a year should pay the same percentage of tax as those making $135,000 a year. The "rich" will still pay more in taxes than the poor. Whattya think? Do we have a deal?

> Those who are poor or with a lower middle class income shouldn't pay anything; those with millions and billions of dollars should pay a lot.

Everyone has the same opportunity to succeed in this country. How will anyone succeed if they have no reason to better their lives? If you were getting a check at the end of the month from the government without having to work for it, do you think you'd be busting your nut to get a job? The taste of government cheese can be addictive. In America, those who want resources have a responsibility to get off their ass and go get'em, otherwise they are nothing but docile subjects of a "just" master.

> I think those with more resources have a responsibility to bear greater
> burdens than those who don't. It is the privilege
> of being strong and fortunate and,, maybe, smart.

Sounds like you justify our invasion of Iraq.

> The rest of us have to exist in this world and no one has the right to demand
> that we spend our time laboring under some mindless Social Darwinistic
> scheme just so a minority of property owners can assure themselves they
> are the highest achievement of evolution while minimizing the power of government
> to alleviate suffering and allow us to collectively do what individually we cannot.

Some people are happy to merely exist. Being a property owner is not the cause of my libertarian beliefs and actions, it's a result. Government's job is not to "alleviate suffering", its job is to govern. This country encourages a pursuit of happiness, it doesn't promise it.

> Thanks for the Reagan rant of a few missives back. I liked it. The
> responses have been... well... I lived through that mother fucker's
> reign. Lost my college aid in the first year and dropped back into a
> poverty it took a long time to get out of. I don't think it would even
> be possible for someone to do that now.

Those who are financially free are truly free. If you had been more self-reliant and independent of government's grasp, you probably would have finished school. I busted my ass when I was in college. Working 40 hours a week and studying isn't easy, but he who wants it bad enough, gets it. The person you are tomorrow is based on the decisions you make today.

> My wife and I are holding put until the elections this fall. If Bush &
> Co. end up running the show, we're moving to Europe. My direct taxes
> will go up, but I'll get real health care (as in, the doctor spends 20
> minutes with me when I have a sore throat -- and then just hands over
> the meds as part of the visit), free education for the kids, six weeks
> of paid vacation (!!), and food that is made of ingredients instead of
> factory-farmed by-products. Oh, and everyone gets paid a living wage.

You forgot to mention that you'll be waiting in line probably for hours to see the doctor. I'd spend 20 minutes with you too, but I doubt that would help your sore throat.

Free education my ass. Who pays the teachers? The education fairy?

A living wage is a wage on living.

Factory farmed by products is the breakfast of champions. Perhaps you'd like to get rid of the FDA?

If Europe's your destination of choice, have at it.
...and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
-Degenerate PK

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