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Bubbapalooza 13
May 2004

Start More Bubbapalooza! Yet more Bubbapalooza! Still more Bubbapalooza! Even  more Bubbapalooza! And more Bubbapalooza! One more!

I wasn't sure I was going to attend the third night of bubba, though I'd bought the three day pass (cleverly printed on one of those red shop rags like you see around mechanic shops.) But when my ears stopped ringing and my feet stopped throbbing I found myself bored in front of the TV and decided to head back to the Star Bar. I missed JJ and the Hustlers in the delayed decision.

Somehow I only ended up with one picture of Motor 76. Several of these guys used to be in Ditchdiggers, one of my favorite country punk atcs, but Motor 76 is a little less country, a little less punk, significantly more straight up rock and roll. Good stuff, but I miss some of their old tunes.
Brass Castle is a local 2 piece that do loud racket unlike anything you've probably heard before. About the time you get into the groove during one of their songs, it suddenly changes. Each song contains multiple changes of melody and time, though they all have simple, screamed lyrics about such charming subjects as halitosis.
Then they swap instruments and do another few tunes of a similar ilk, swap again and keep on rockin', hard, loud, and usually fast.

It's not something I enjoy so much as respect. There's some fantastic talent there. The musicians in the room all enjoyed the hell out of it. I picked up the CD and it does them justice, but if you like nice, predictable, smooth and/or quiet stuff, stay far away. If you're into bebop jazz, you should try this.

Lust had been listed as the opening act and I was bummed to have missed them. But they appeared next, done up in Robin Hood attire. The drummer appeared as Friar Tuck. The music is straight up garage with a poppy beat and beach blanket bingo lyrics, vaguely reminding me of The Ramones, but they always show up in the coolest costumes.

There was a group of three or four guys that stood around making this strange hand gesture all weekend, something Suzanne of Lust said looked like Christ's pose from all those Byzantine paintings. They yelled out "TIGHT!" at the top of their lungs every few minutes. Eventually Suzanne and Barb got sick of the lead guy standing right in front of the stage in the constant pose of blessing, yelling TIGHT! all the damn time, so they pulled him up on stage and asked him to sing a song. They picked one they figured he'd know, Billy Joel's You May Be Right (I May Be Crazy.) But the guy didn't know a word of it and just stood there mumbling incoherently into the mike, basically making a fool of himself. The crowd laughed, Barb broke a bass string and decided enough was enough and ended the set early.
Start More Bubbapalooza! Yet more Bubbapalooza! Still more Bubbapalooza! Even  more Bubbapalooza! And more Bubbapalooza! One more!

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