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Since it's been a while, here's a big, fat episode of Electric Degeneration.
You won't need to come back for seconds with servings like this!

Saturday we hit Plaza Theatre for this month’s Silver Scream Spookshow featuring It Came from Outer Space in 3D. Before the flick started we were treated to a very funny skit involving aliens, mind control, and astronauts combined with burlesque. Worth the price of admission almost by itself. Then the screen flickered to life with a better than average 50’s monster from space movie, thanks to a screenplay by Ray Bradbury and the often-giggle-inducing 3D effects. I think the age of the film had caused a bit of a color-shift, making some of the 3D less three dimensional than strangely multi-dimensional and blurry, but it brought back memories of seeing this film at Silver Screen on Peachtree for my birthday every year as a kid, part of a double-feature with Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D.
Silver Scream Spookshow happens the last Saturday of every month. The 1PM matinees are kid-friendly, but we adults have made a night of it by starting off at Righteous Room next door for pre-9:30-show dinner and drinks (the chili relleno there is pretty damn tasty!)

In other reviews, we got this from degenerate GG:
Degenerate RVI said: "Let Altman show you who you are and you'll know why we're poorer for the loss of his eye and sensibility, but richer for the fact he was at least here for 81 years making movies."
RVI must be blissfully unaware of O.C. and Stiggs, Altman's dismal-beyond-belief offering from 1987. The film was based on a hilarious series of National Lampoon articles from the early 1980's. Or at least I thought they were pretty damn funny when I read them. Somehow, Altman drained every ounce of the characters' subversive humor from his lifeless film version. Maybe I should ease up on Altman a bit though because he did hire the great Louis Nye for a role in the movie. Nye played Sonny Drysdale on the Beverly Hillbillies and did a top-notch sendup of the beatnik lifestyle with "Teenage Beatnik" a superb 45rpm that came out in 1959. You can listen to it here, along with a ton of other cool tracks:

To make up for the lack of plugging lately, here's a hastily assembled manage a trois:
All The Saints, Deerhunter at The Earl:
El Vez at Bottletree in Birmingham and Little Steven's Garage A Go Go at Variety Playhouse:

In other reviews:
I made it to degen AG's "We're still screwed" post election party at Lenny's. Short on funds, I still stayed late. Sonia Tetlow performed a song I have always hated, not for its message; but for its delivery. Lennon just didn't have the pipes that Sonia has. Her "Imagine" was nothing less than stunning!
Rock on,
Degenerate SK

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