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Rockabilly Rumble at the Star Bar:
Yeah, yeah, lousy pictures this time. Been having a tough time at the Star Bar getting good photos without a flash. Guess Iím going to have to start using a flash again!

Garrison Keillor calls for the impeachment of Bush today on You might have to click through an ad to read it, but it's a short, worthwhile

I caught a preview screening of the Russian supernatural/sci fi thriller Nightwatch the other day. Itís the first in a three part series but stands on itís own just fine. Iíve seen some writers compare it to The Matrix. I think The Matrix has influenced all movies with action in them, so I wouldní
t say theyíre really that similar. In content, itís closer to Underworld, the movie that ripped off local gaming company White Wolf for its vampires vs. werewolves idea (Sony settled out of court, if I understand correctly) or perhaps Hellboy.
In Nightwatch, itís supernatural good guys vs. supernatural bad guys. But it was hard for me to identify with near-immortal heroes. Combine that with their personalities - more like anti-heroes, or not even heroic at all - and you further remove any sympathies I might have had for the characters.
That said, Nightwatch is pretty cool. The effects are nice and work into the story, rather than the story working around them. The cinematography is interesting and smart, and the acting is decent. If youíre an action fan, horror, goth, sci-fi, vampire, supernatural or ghost geek, this film is for you.

The daffodils have been up in my yard for a month.
The other trees and shrubs around town are finally beginning to bloom.
I actually sat outside today at lunch.
March is upon us.
Spring ainít quite here yet, but I can feel her hiding over the horizon, her perfume beginning to waft on the breeze. Soon my sinuses will flow and my hormones will rage and I will feel the urge to prowl the night in search of prey.
And youíll be reading all about it, though perhaps not here.
Beware the Ides of March.
Stay tuned.

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