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The Star Bar
May 2006

Bubbapalooza Thursday Bubbapalooza Saturday

Since I reviewed Bubba for the Loafing I didn't spend the time to do the usual Degenerate Press write-up the week of the event. Instead, you get weeks-old leftovers, a half-remembered review that is more slide show than literature. So be it.

The Downer Brothers kicked things off to a near-empty room early on a Thursday evening.

Anna Kramer did a set of soulful ballads and country stuff.

Then did a second set that was all rock.

JJ and the Hustlers honky tonked.

Cletus and his City Cousins continued in the country veign.

I prefer shots that have emotive quality over clarity.

Unknown Hinson was the headlining act. His roadie came out with a laminated set list and taped it to the floor. I figured this was a bad sign. If' he's done the same set so often it requires laminating I expected it to be tired.
The man himself came out, glued-on sideburns and teeth blacked out, an undead country and western troubadour. His first couple of tunes failed to impress, but then he got a groove going and fuckin' took off.

He took a break while his manservant entertained us with a weird jig, then came back and blazed through another set. Read more about it in my Loafing article.

Unknown Hinson's basssist.

Bubbapalooza Thursday Bubbapalooza Saturday

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