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Dong Squad
May 2004

Peter Criss appeared with the sound of strings welling in the background.
He sang his song, Beth, perhaps the low point in the Kiss catalog. (OK, maybe Lick It Up was worse...)
Off came the leather.
I thought he was looking pretty good. Last time Kiss came to town, Peter was a little heavy around the middle.

My favorite act of the night, the Man at Work appeared and set up some cones and one of those big orange trash can looking things to a funky version of Crosstown Traffic. He turned his back as if to get ready for a real throw-down.
Then proceeded to stand there, leaning on his shovel, doing nothing.
Whistling, looking this way and that...
Checking his watch, wiping the sweat off his brow...
Every few minutes he'd take his shovel and use it to collect money from the crowd, only to toss it over his shoulder and resume his shift.
But as the song cranked up, Man At Work finally got to work, whipping off the pants and grabbing the Stop and Slow signs for a modern version of the classic fan dance!
I wasn't sure which was funnier - the waiting or the money shot. Either way, I laughed so hard I almost puked.

Had enough? Or do you need yet more dong?

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