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Halloween 2002
Doll Sqad at 9 Lives

We followed up the party with Halloween night and more costumed chaos. I went as degenerate JH recently arrested by my date, SW done up as a DEA agent, an inside joke for our small band of adventurers that nobody else got but I had fun with it (and that's why I like Halloween - it's all about having selfish fun. And if anyone tries to harsh your Halloween buzz they can get egged, and they know it.)
We headed to 9 Lives and found the majority of the crowd dressed as... well...9 Lives patrons - black leather, piercings, etc. Just their day-to-day attire, really. There were a few folks who put in a little effort, notably Shane, of Gargantua, and his assistant who had decorated the bar in airbrushed art and turned the back room into a mini horror house. It was filled with foam creatures and such, including a fabulous Godzilla, but I was only moderately impressed until someone handed me some 3D glasses and sent me through it again. The ghosts and goblins leapt off the walls and the flames on the buildings Godzilla was stomping seemed to come to life - fuckin' COOL.

Alfalfa visits the mini house of horrors in the back room of 9 Lives.

The Monroes were on stage doing a full set of Ramones, good stuff but we were more in the mood for socializing with random degenerates at the bar.

We snuggled up close to the stage for The Doll Squad Burlesque Show's premier. A couple of lovely ladies brought out cards announcing each act, tossing out candy, and letting the occasional bit of flesh peek out.

Things started off with a sultry, sexy Jessica Rabbit impersonation.

Then things got even steamier. I've probably got the performers out of order, but do you care? This is the lucious Ginger.

Heck, I can't even remember what song she sang, much less what order the girls were in. I'm afraid my brain doesn't function well in stuch over-stimulated conditions...

Doll Sqad at 9 Lives

"These people could put us out of business!"
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