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Halloween 2007

Housewarming/Birthday Party Lenny's

Text and photos by Frederick Noble

EM is too busy with school and such so it's back to FN's take on life. Enjoy!

Halloween has become my favorite holiday. I still love New Year's Eve but Halloween has all the chaos of New Year's - but in drag. Plus it usually ain't as cold. As with New Year's, I spend weeks planning for the affair, this year in the form of costume brainstorming. After many ideas were considered, I present you...

Yes, we made them ourselves. I came up with the idea, EM did the magnificent painting. I even took along a zipock bag full of perfectly cooked bacon to hand out to folks.

It was an interesting study in sociology, discovering how people react when offered free meat. Some were confused and didn't believe it was real. Some asked if it was turkey bacon. ("Do I look like turkey bacon to you? Fuck that!") Some vegetarians cowered in fear while others huffed the sweet, smoky smell from the bag before declining. But in general, people love bacon and though I was only giving out pieces to folks with impressive costumes, it was all gone halfway through the night. Of course, some of it disappeared into my (pork) belly - in the form of bacon swizzle sticks! (Or should it be sizzle sticks? Trademark!)

Bacon and whiskey shooters - two great tastes that taste pretty good together.

We had opted for Lenny's this year because of the better-than-average lineup. First on stage, The Howlies, each wearing a cute, furry, eared hat, cranking out the 60's flavored garage who's comeback has lingered in Atlanta.

But regardless of who was making what sound on stage, the fun was ogling the costume ideas in the crowd. I tripped as I took this photo of some Residents, making the picture... trippy.
In fact, I was having so much fun doling out the bacon I barely remember the second act on stage and didn't write down a name. Anyone?
Cher and Bloody Mary were a couple of resistant bacon recipients, as I recall.
The Carbonas did their Stiff Little Fingers meets early Damned punk, lots of fans hopping around and chanting along.

After a long break, The Spooks assembled on stage, looking like a Klan rally gone awry. Booking agent Bean took the mike and warned people to step back if they didn't want animal blood on them. Soon after we discovered why...

A guy pulled out a heart from a jeweled box, squeezing it in time to the music, oozing blood onto those who hadn't headed the warning, EM included. Then the band started into racket very reminiscent of Deerhunter - droney stuff that is so layered as to become white noise, appropriate for their costumes. There were just too many instruments on stage at once and you couldn't make out any of them. I found it painfully dull and wandered around, handing out the last few strips of bacon.
Death always gets the last bacon!
King Khan and BBQ headlined the night, but we were tired and somewhat drunk by that point. It's tough to push your way through a packed house when you're a 7 foot tall slice of bacon or 3 foot wide fried egg. This was the only view of the band I ever got.

They sounded great, but the long, late night had us beat. I knew work was going to be painful enough the next day so we admitted defeat and split.

The morning required some serious hangover helper, thanks to Taco Veloz.

Mmmm, more eggs and pork...

Housewarming/Birthday Party Lenny's

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