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Professor Jo Boobs & Torchys Traveling Charm School
The Earl
September 2005

Part I Part II
Out came local lovely Barbalicous dressed as a chicken, looking something like a cross between the Chicken Lady off Kids in the Hall and Banita Bizarre from the Bugaloos - funny yet simultaneously creepy.

She did a fan dance that ended in a reveal of her fried egg pasties, difficult to see in this shot thanks to the overexposure that comes with non-stop flashes going off from hordes of camera geeks.
Ruby Van Go Go, former astronaut, reappeared done up as Ms. Manners or perhaps a teacher. I'm hot for teacher!

Someone stuck one of the Queen's roses into a beer bottle at the edge of the stage. I like how it shows up in most of the shots from here on.

This may be my favorite shot of the night, thanks in large part to DJ Lonesome's lusty look in the background.
Out came a sweet girl dancing about to a song about her sweet little pussy.
Of course moments later she's disrobing and shimming all over the place in an outfit that looks like a mass of fishing lures. Definitely caught my eye!

Kitty needs a beer?

This is what happens when you stand behind your nicotine-junky girlfriend.

Another shimmy and shake by Panty Raid.

Out came Torchy Taboo and the Steam Heat Dancers with a bunch of blue feather fans.

Jo Boobs returned in a glamorous getup, ruby red with sequins and feathers, and proceeded to dance up a storm.

She pulled out a couple of pasties and stuck them to her fine butt then got them twirling into a blur. Fantastic.

And all the sudden it was over. It wasn't the marathon that Tease-O-Rama is, but on the other hand I didn't have to fly across the continent and pay San Fran hotel and entertainment prices!
The girls came out for a bow and a photo session for all the camera geeks in the crowd. It was barely after midnight but we weren't motivated to find later night fun so we headed to bed with visions of pasties twirling in our heads.

Part I Part II

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