January 30, 2011

Flashback Inventory

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In the mid- to late-90’s I started photographing bands around Atlanta using black and white 3200 film with no flash. The results are high contrast, grainy, and look terrible on a computer monitor. But rather than leave them in a box, ignored, I’m dredging them out and scanning them.

Below is an inventory of what I have organized. There is probably more in other boxes and envelopes and heaps on shelves, but I’ll be amazed if I even get through this box. If there’s a specific act you want to see let me know. I’ll remove them from the list as I post them.

This is what has been sorted and easy to find. I have heaps of crap to dig through that may never get sorted.

Vote for what you’d like to see posted!

Atlanta Polka Band, APB

Bad Checks

Billy Joe Winghead

Bubbapalooza 1999

Bindlestiff Family Circus
At a certain wedding reception at the Echo Lounge.

Blacktop Rockets
Bubbapalooza 1999, The Star Bar

Johnny then-Knox, now McGowan.


Catfight! – some here, but I have a ton more.

Chicken Wire Gang

Sean Costello – posted here.

Some D band at Bubbapalooza

Dick Dale at the Star Bar, one of the few non-local bands I ever bothered to use film on.  Got a few really nice shots.

The Ditchdiggers

Drive By Truckers
You won’t recognize this lineup, frat boy.
Also DBT in various costumes from various Halloween shows.

El Caminos

Fiend Without A Face
At a certain wedding reception at the Echo Lounge.

Flattop Mike and the Mercurys



Glenmont Popes

Grand Moff Tarkin


The Helgas

Holy Smokes – posted here.

Kenny Howes

Some H band at The Star Bar. Looks like Coleman from Smoke?

Immortal Lee County Killers (and ILCK II)

Jimmy & the Teasers



Some H band at Echo Lounge.

Jack Black
Before you ever heard of the comedic actor, this band named themselves after the author.

The Kaisers – posted here.

Elvis show at The Star Bar – yes, The Star Bar, posted here.
Also at a certain wedding reception at the Echo Lounge.

Johnny then-Knox, now McGowan

Some L band at Bubbapalooza, Star Bar.

Some female country singer, last name L something, Bubbapalooza, Star Bar.

The chickens and Col. Sanders costumes.

Meat Purveyors

Mouthbreathers – posted here.


Nashville Pussy

National Anthem

New Orleans Klezmer All Stars

The Penetrators – posted here.

Caroline & the Ramblers

The Rent Boys – posted here.


The Rock*A*Teens – posted here.

Some R band. Maybe mis-filed Ronnie Dawson?
Atlantis Music Conference
The Star Bar

Some other R band at The Star Bar

17 Years – posted here.

Silent Kids

Slim Chance
With Donnie McCormick

Slim Fatz

Smoke – posted here.

The Star Room Boys

Subsonics – very early lineup.


The Titanics – posted here.

Tore Up

Trailer Bride

(I have more Truckadelic photos than any other act.)

Two Dollar Pistols


The Vendettas

The Woggles – posted here.

Bunch of random unknowns.

Bunch of random stuff from a benefit at Northside Tavern – Eddie Tigner, et. al., in color.

Bunch of random stuff from a Dottie’s show that was, I think, a Battle of the Bands covering Black Sabbath v. Led Zeppelin, in color.

Frederick Noble

Say What?


  1. Good idea, much better to post ‘em. I’m voting for the following. Don’t make me break ‘em down and list #1, #2, etc. It’s an 8 way tie for first.

    $2 Pistols
    Caroline & Ramblers
    Johnny Knox/McGowan

    Comment by Greg — July 23, 2010 @ 11:47 am

  2. Catfight

    but any and all will rock!

    Comment by elvis — July 23, 2010 @ 1:05 pm

  3. I agree with Greg’s list with Penetrators being my #1 choice. I would add to his list the Drive-By Truckers, Star Room Boys and Grand Moff Tarkin. Thanks for going to this trouble!

    Comment by Suellen — July 23, 2010 @ 4:22 pm

  4. Since you have become my personal photographer, I’d love to see Bully and Greasepaint but also Syrup, Rent Boys and Star Room Boys.

    Comment by Joel — February 5, 2011 @ 11:04 pm

  5. Gam

    Comment by Chuck — February 6, 2011 @ 10:04 am

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